Are you famous and need a plan?

Are you planning on getting famous?

Are you a marketing interested in sharing Tikerup celebrities media as a collective?

Are you a booking agent looking for acts to book at your venue, party, or event?

Are you an audio engineer interested in live sound positions?

Are you a content creator interested in filmography with a great ability to film?

Are you a celebrity interested in finding management?

Are you a celebrity interested in getting on a tour circuit?

Are you a person interested in helping with the creation of a future tour that hosts meet ups with the social media famous celebrities?

No matter who you are you likely have a plan!

What’s the plan for TikerUp?

Currently the Tikerup website is seeking interested people to join the team! That means that readers like you are welcome to join! What avenues of interest do you have? What are your plans? When submitting information in form a review will be conducted. The review of your information will get a follow up. It’s the mission of the creator of this website to review all form submissions. Working together to establish social media channels, and a future tour circuit takes action. Activate today and start by following the creator of this website on Tiktok and Instagram.

Where’s the form to signup?

This text will be highlighted linking page to fill out Tikerup form. Fill out your Tikerup form and once that’s done share on your social media! Use hashtag #TikerUp in your posts on Tiktok if you’re part of the Tikerup family!