How does it all happen?

Ever wonder how an event actually happens? If we think like the consumer we know that there is an event. We know it’s the hottest event of the year to us. And, we buy the ticket. But, what happens to get to the point of ticket sales?

Teamwork requires a multiple of people interested working together to accomplish a common goal. If the event is the goal. Than, the effot required may be extensive.

With a multiple of types of events to consider team players can be various. Let’s think about a celebrity, with a book, that has an album released on digital music stores. It likely took a team to make the music. The performer is singular in our hypothetical. We have one singer and a team of dancers to negotiate. The product is existing in the music for the artist and publisher of the music. How can the artist be benefited by a team? Booking agents, managers, audio engineers, crew, marketing professionals, ticket sales, and of course contracts.

All the elements needed to pull off any size party or event can be considered a team. Tikerup will begin to archive necessary team members. That’s you! Right now! You’re part of the Tikerup team! Invite your friends to get started with the Tikerup fam! The future may produce a team that sucessfully accomplishes needs for celebrities that one day result in headlining at a major arena!

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